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Nature’s beauty is impeccable.
The fact that each and every scenery is temporary in it’s own being, makes it even more so.


At night.
Everything comes together.
Timing is the matter.
Bits and pieces fall into place.
Numerous thoughts fill up mind’s space.
Neurons transmitting on fire.
While the body’s put to rest.
Reality hanging on a thin wire.
Inner connection at it’s best.
At night.

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I honestly thought,
We had solved everything.
But in the end,
We still didn’t blend
in eachother.
Like oil and water. [ puellainurbe.com ]

Right there, in the middle of things. [ puellainurbe.com ]

Against the wall. [ puellainurbe.com ]

Spring in the city. [ puellainurbe.com ]

Would you shadow dance, with me. [ Puellainurbe.com ]


The doubt had an humongous appetite

It devoured me from the inside

out I was starving,

The sound of your voice only

would feed me